Sprinkling syrup

The FunCakes sprinkling syrups can be used for sprinkling or brushing sponge cake layers. This gives the cake a bit of moist and extra flavour.

Recommended dosage:
100 gram per 50 ml water.

Apricot: glucose syrup, sugar syrup (sugar, water), apricot purée (6%), flavours, acidifier (E330), colouring (E110).
Forest Fruits: sugar syrup, glucose syrup, stabilizer (E420ii), fruit purée (bilberries, raspberries, blackcurrants) (8%), flavours, acidifier (E330), colour (E102, E110, E122, E124).
Kirsch: glucose syrup, sugar syrup (sugar, water), flavours, acidifier (E330). Contains no alcohol.
Limoncello: glucose syrup, sugar syrup, flavours, acidifier (E330), colouring (E101i), stabilizer (E440i). Contains no alcohol.
E102, E110, E122, E124: May have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.

100 gram.