Saint Nicholas chocolate letters


  • 700 gram FunCakes dark chocolate melts
  • FunCakes sugar decorations Saint Nicholas
  • FunCakes disposable decorating bags 41cm
  • FunCakes gold/silver carton 20cm
  • Wilton tip #22
  • Chocolate thermometer, e.g. Silikomart
  • Saint Nicholas candies
  • Water

Melt 560 gram chocolate melts in the microwave or au bain-marie. Remove the chocolate from the microwave or pan and make sure the melts have a temperature of 45°C. When the chocolate has the right temperature, add the remaining 140 grams of melts. Keep stirring until the chocolate has a temperature of 31°C.

To get the correct temperature, we recommend you use a chocolate thermometer. When the temperature isn’t correct, you will get white stripes on your chocolate.

When the chocolate has the correct temperature add a bit of water, keep stirring so that that chocolate becomes more solid. The chocolate should have the thickness of chocolate paste. Place the tip in the decorating bag and fill this with the chocolate paste. Pipe the letters on the cartons and decorate them with the decorations and the candies. Let the letters harden in the fridge.

You can also use a chocolate melter to melt the chocolate. Melt the chocolate on 45°C, lower the temperature to 31°C, add the remaining melts and keep stirring until the chocolate has a temperature of 31°C.

Please note! The chocolate mixed with water can’t be melted and used again.