Halloween Cookie House


  • 500 gram FunCakes mix for Cookies
  • 150 gram butter
  • 1 egg (approx. 50 grams
  • 500 gram FunCakes mix for Royal Icing
  • 60 ml water
  • FunCakes nonpareils Halloween
  • FunCakes Edible FunColours Gel – Bright Green
  • FunCakes Edible FunColours Gel – Orange
  • FunCakes Edible FunColours Gel – Black
  • Cottage cookie cutter
  • FunCakes fondant: green, orange, black
  • Decoration bags with tip 3

Preheat the oven at 180°C (convection oven 160°C). Knead 500 gram mixture, 150 gram butter and 1 egg to a firm dough. Let it stiffen in the fridge for at least 1 hour.

Roll out on a floured flat (0.5 cm thickness). Cut with the elements of the cake cottage the dough and bake them in the middle of the preheated oven approx. 12 minutes till golden yellow. Let the cookies cool down.

Now make the icing for on the cookies. Add 60 ml of water per 500 grams of sifted mixture for Royal Icing with a stiff consistency. Mix the icing for 7-10 minutes on low speed to a stiff, white icing.
The icing is ready when it is bright white, has lost its shine and you can pull peaks that don’t fall back. If using a hand-held mixer be careful to ensure that it does not jam!

To use the icing as frosting on the cookies, you have to adulterate the icing. Add per 200 gram icing 1 teaspoon of water. Make sure you keep a bowl of the solid consistency icing. This will be the “glue” to put the cookies cottage together.

Divide the icing over 4 bowls and add in 3 bowls the food colouring, so you will have white and three other colours. Fill the decorating bags with the icing and decorate the cookies items with the icing and the nonpareils. Let it dry overnight.

“Glue” the following day the cottage together with the solid consistency icing. Finish them with some pumpkins and spider made of fondant. Or use your own creativity.