Gluten Free Royal Icing

This mix for Royal Icing is a mix for making a solid icing with a caramel flavour. The mix is gluten free.

Preparation for Stiff Royal Icing:
Mix 500 g mix with 60 ml of water for 7-10 minutes on low speed. Until the Icing is bright white and lost its shine. If using a hand-held mixer be careful that it does not jam.

Tip: Add 1 teaspoon of water per 1 cup (approx. 200 g) of icing for medium consistency, or 2 teaspoons of water for thin consistency.

sugar, cornstarch, rice protein, flavour, acidity regulator: E336, thickeners: E466, E413. May contain traces of milk and nuts. Gluten-free.

Store at room temperature in a dry place, do not expose to temperature change and heat sources.

500 gram.