Almond paste

With this almond paste, you can make a delicious filling for cookies and speculaas. The almond paste contains at least 46% almonds! But the almond paste is also great as a filling for cakes. Make with the FunCakes almond paste….

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Marzipan coloured

Do you fancy decorating your cake in fun colours? Then, this coloured FunCakes Marzipan is perfect. You can offcourse, also use this marzipan to decorate your cupcakes. But also use the FunCakes marzipan for example to make delicious marzipan figures…..

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Marzipan natural

A cake or cupcake covered in marzipan? Then, this rolled-out almond marzipan is the best choice. It tastes delicious. Also, it’s really easy to roll out. The texture is delicate but this white marzipan stays firm even after being rolled….

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