FunCakes Fondant, now even better!

We have launched our fondant in a new and improved recipe! The new fondant is more firm, more elastic and even smoother than before. It only needs to be kneaded shortly, one minute is already enough for it to be rolled out easily. Thanks to the extra firmness the fondant is easy to work with under every condition. It is therefore now more suitable to work with in warmer and humid climates. Plus, the firmness better prevents it from cracking, tearing and breaking. Say goodbye to the feared elephant skin!

Thanks to the extra elasticity the fondant is more flexible and pliable than before. This makes it even easier to model with FunCakes fondant and all sorts of shapes and designs can now be easily created. Imperfections can be removed much better and the fondant can be rolled out very thinly, which will get you even more out of your fondant!

Thanks to the satin finish our fondant is perfect to cover a cake with sharp edges. Do you wish to cut out shapes from the fondant, than you are sure to get neat, clean and sharp cut-outs. The great forgivability of the new recipe fondant makes it suitable for everyone, from beginner to professional!

FunCakes fondant is also suitable to colour with food colourings. For intensive colouring en kneading, let the fondant rest until it has reached ambient temperature again to get the best result. Then nead it again shortly for further use.

How to process
The following processing is recommended for the best result:

  • Let the fondant come to ambient temperature.
  • Knead the fondant firmly for approx. 1 minute until it is smooth and elastic.
  • Dust the work surface with a bit of icing sugar and roll out the fondant with a rolling pin to an even shape (2-3 mm thick). Turn the fondant a quarter to prevent sticking.

Special Diet
Apart from Halal certified, the new FunCakes fondant is now also Kosher and gluten free certified, giving more and more people the opportunity to enjoy our fondant.

You will recognize this new fondant by the ‘Now even better’ logo on the front of the package. Almost all of the colours have already changed to the new recipe.

Check this video to find out how you get most out of your fondant: