Christmas bundt


  • 250 gram of FunCakes Mix for Raisin Bread
  • FunCakes Icing Sugar
  • 125 gram of FunCakes Almond paste cut in small pieces
  • 150 gram of FunCakes Dip ’n Drip White
  • 60 gram FunCakes Fondant Forest Green
  • 25 gram FunCakes Fondant Fire Red
  • FunCakes edible glue
  • 120 ml water
  • 7 gram dried yeast
  • 10 gram soft butter
  • 150 gram soaked raisins
  • FunCakes disposable decorating bags 30 cm
  • FunCakes Magic Roll-Out Powder
  • Wilton Fancy Ring Mold Pan ø 25 cm
  • Wilton Cake Release
  • Wilton Perfect Height Rolling Pin
  • Holly leaf plunger cutters, for example from PME
  • Plastic foil

Let the raisins soak in warm water and dry them again with a towel. Add 250 gram of FunCakes Mix for Raisin Bread with 120 ml water, 7 gram dried yeast and 10 gram butter in a bowl and mix with the dough hook for 8 minutes into a smooth dough. Then knead the raisins and the pieces of almond paste manually through the dough. Place the dough back in the bowl, cover with plastic foil and let it rise for 25 minutes on a warm spot. Cover your work surface with the Magic Roll-Out Powder, push the air out of the dough and roll it into a large sausage. Grease the bundt pan with Cake Release and put the dough in it. Cover and let it rise for 50 minutes on a warm spot. Preheat the oven to 220°C (convection oven 200°C). Bake the bundt cake for 20-25 minutes. Release the cake from the pan after baking and let it cool down. Melt the Dip ’n Drip in the oven for a bit, fill a decorating bag with it and let it drip over the bundt cake. Sprinkle with Icing Sugar. Knead the fondant, roll out and cut out as many holly leafs as you like. Make little balls from the red fondant. Place the leafs on the bundt cake and stick the red balls on them with edible glue.