Chocolate nut treat


  • 200 grams sugar
  • 250 ml whipping cream
  • 100 grams Pecan nuts
  • 100 grams Hazelnuts
  • 350 grams FunCakes chocolate melt dark
  • Round silicon baking pan or silicone baking cups

Put 50 grams of sugar in a pan and heat until the sugar starts to colour brown. Now add the rest of the sugar and cook until it’s brown of colour. When all the sugar has melted, add the whipped cream little by little to the melted sugar. Stir well and let the caramel sauce cool down.

Chop the nuts.

Put the desired quantity of melts into a plastic or glass bowl. Place this bowl in the microwave and melt the melts at maximum power (± 800 Watt). Every 15 to 20 seconds, remove the chocolate from the microwave and stir it well so that the temperature is spread through it evenly. Continue doing this until the chocolate is nearly melted; small pieces of chocolate may still be visible. Stop warming and stir the chocolate well until all the pieces of chocolate are melted and you have a uniform mass of chocolate.

Pour a little bit of chocolate into the pan and use a brush to cover the inside (so when it’s hard, you will have a bowl of chocolate). Put the bowls in the fridge for half an hour. Fill the bowl for 2/3 with the caramel and nuts. Leave a few nuts and caramel for decoration. Fill the bowl now with the rest of the melted chocolate.

Decorate it the treats with the caramel and nuts and put them for at least 1 hour in the refrigerator.

Number of chocolates:
6 chocolate.