Never not baking!


They say less is more but in some cases that just isn’t true. When we’re talking about FunCakes sprinkles and baking mixes, you can never have enough. Therefore we’ve introduced extra large packages of our most popular sprinkles and 5….

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The Caribbean dream!


Imagine being on a Caribbean pearl white beach thanks to our new Mix for Caribbean Cream. This fluffy, sweet cream is made very easily by adding water and whipped cream to it and some of your favourite fruits, raisins or….

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Taste the summer!

The summer is coming up and that means it’s time for new flavoured fondants! As of today there a two familiar faces available again: the banana and raspberry flavoured fondant. But to make this summer extra special we’ve added a….

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Are you ready to lace?


What is it about lace that seems to make everything more beautiful and elegant? Lace has made an impressive comeback as we see it again on clothes, interior items ánd on cakes! A simple cake gets all of sudden extra….

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Wonderful waffles


The best from Belgium, now in a bag from FunCakes. Our new Mix for Sweet Belgian Waffles, combined with the FunCakes Pearl Sugar, will bring those delicious sweet, crunchy waffles full of sugar crystals to your own kitchen. It wasn’t….

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Start modelling


Get to know our newest assets: new colours of the modelling paste and our new gum paste. The modelling paste now comes in the difficult to create colours red, black and light beige. Plus, you now produce fantastic flowers with….

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Decorating bags from FunCakes


With the right material you’re already halfway there. That’s why we’re adding a non-food product to our range today that’s an ultimate essential for every baking fan: disposable decorating bags. They come in packages of 10 pieces in 3 different….

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New flavours and cover!


Our delicious bavarois is now available in the new flavours tiramisu, caramel, forest fruits and cappuccino! Try one of them for a bavarois and the others for a filling or desert cause you’re gonna want to taste them all. Apart….

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Does it get any easier?


At FunCakes we strive to make it our customers as easy as possible. After all, everybody’s already busy enough as they are. That’s why we launched the Ready Rolled Fondant Disc! This is a pre-rolled fondant, ready to cover a….

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Happy Easter!


The world awakes from its winter dormancy and spring is right in front of us. So it’s about to get time for happy pastel colours, flowers and happy eggs: it’s time for Easter! Get spring inside with our Easter assortment!….

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