Meringue Powder

This meringue powder is a handy powder for making meringues, pavlova and American buttercream. Tip: always use a clean spoon. Due to the structure of the product, it isn’t suitable for making Royal Icing. Preparation meringue: Preheat the oven to….

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Glucose Syrup

The glucose syrup can be used in a variety of sweet recipes like desserts, confectionery, cakes and jams. Glucose syrup prevents unwanted crystallization of sugar and gives more stretch to e.g. modelling chocolate, royal icing, fondant and gum paste. Ingredients:….

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CMC – Tylo Powder

The CMC – Tylo Powder can be added to fondant to harden it. Or use the CMC – Tylo Powder to make your own edible glue. Preparations: To harden fondant, use approximately 3 g (1 teaspoon) of CMC-powder for each….

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Arabic Gum

FunCakes Arabic gum is a vegetable binding agent and can be used as a stabilizer and as a binder. It is natural gum and contains no animal ingredients. Arabic gum gives a soft structure and can be used by making….

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Pearl Sugar

The pearl sugar are bake stable sugar nibs that give a crispy effect. The nibs can be used as decoration on top of cookies and cake or in Belgian waffles, sugar bread or cinnamon rolls. Available in: natural and choco…..

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Agar Agar

FunCakes agar agar is a vegetable binding agent and a versatile product. It can be used as a replacement for gelatin, only agar agar has no animal ingredients. If you use agar agar as a substitute for gelatin, adjust your….

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Almond flour

Do you fancy an almond cake or muffins? Then, why not use FunCakes Almond Flour, which is made from 100% finely ground, full-fat almonds. The almond oil and flavourings are therefore preserved perfectly. Almond flour is natural and gluten-free. You….

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Praline hazelnut filling

With this delicious praline hazelnut filling, everyone will be licking their fingers! Fill for instance your cakes with this delightful praline hazelnut filling. The soft filling is perfect for sweets, cakes and cupcakes. This filling contains 50/50 of hazelnut sugar….

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Tartaric acid

You can do lots of things with FunCakes Tartaric acid. Tartaric acid is used in food as a natural preservative, rising agent (mostly combined with baking soda) and albumin stabiliser. It can also be used to increase heat resistance and….

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Cream of tartar

Combine your baking soda with FunCakes tartaric acid and leave your baking products rise to the max. Tartaric acid, also known as a Cream of Tartar, is a natural salt from wine production. Ingredients: Ingredients: tartrate (E336). Content: 80 gram.